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Claassen takes on London
08/20/2008 10:27 AM
Kathleen Allen
Invisible Theatre’s Susan Claassen has taken her “A Conversation With Edith Head” to a small theater close to London’s Leicester Square, in the heart of the city’s West End district.

And they like her, they really like her.

Among the reviews:

“American Susan Claassen catches Head’s darkly distinctive look remarkably, equipping it with contrasting energy, telling stories, responding to questions, switching mood or track without a split-second’s loss of pace. The show’s title is right; this soon takes on the feel of a conversation, as Claassen treats each audience member with individual attention, leaving a conviction you’ve been in Head’s presence yourself.” – Reviews Gate

“Even if you know nothing about her, you can just tell from Claassen’s high quality of acting, she is capturing Head’s essence with her every crafted move. She actually becomes her, a feat also helped by her striking resemblance to the designer. The loving way Claassen handles clothes, her biting wit and even her exaggerations of success, seems uncanny, adding to the charm.” – The Stage

“A Conversation With Edith Head is so much more than just a show for followers of fashion. It is about years gone by; a period in film history that set a trend for generations to come. Edith Head passed away in 1981 only two weeks after completing her last film, but as you leave the theatre with Glaassen (sic) still in character chatting to each and every person, one honestly does feel that they have met the truly inspirational woman that was Edith Head and what a privilege it is.” — The British Theatre Guide

Claassen brings Head back to the Old Pueblo in March.

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